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Item#. SCP-363 Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-363 must be kept in a large enough cell to accommodate it's size as well as SCP-360, SCP-361 and SCP-362s (See enclosed Document 56B for details), currently located in Cell 82. Subjects prefer an environment with simulated wind. As a result, the electric fan enclosed in Cell 82 is to be on for 5 hrs. during any given day. Subjects are generally docile and can usually be approached by 1 - 3 personnel at once. Upon entering Cell 82 SCP 360, 361 and 362 may become amorous, attempting to make physical contact with personnel. *PERSONNEL ARE ADVISED NEVER TO ATTEMPT TO INDULGE IN PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES WITH SCP 360, 361 AND/OR 362.* A tested and accepted response is to smile and bow one's head. Personnel who harbor fear or negative emotions should not enter Cell 82.

Description: Discovered in Royal Prussia, February 1454 during the Thirteen Years' War in the city of GdaÅ?sk. It has never been seen without SCP-360, 361 and 362. Horns resembling tree branches sprout from it's head, which is lacking in a lower jaw. Body texture has a silk quality, usually covered in a red substance which resembles string. Red flower-like items seep regularly from it's 'mouth' and seem to have some kind of connection with the branches on it's head. The small wings on it's back suggest it was once able to achieve flight. 4 goat-like ears also appear on it's back with gold hoops pierced into the lower parts. Tears on ears suggest it once had more. Cloth 'shoes' seem to be attached permanently to feet. Bandages on head are not to be removed or touched in any way.

Enclosed Documents: Copy of Document SCP-360,361 and 362./Excerpt 978
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