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I've written my SCP and i have decided to post it here first to elicit critical response for the purposes of further improving it. Please examine at your leisure but prior to 404.

Item #: SCP-619

Object Class: Safe/Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
Item SCP-619 is currently housed in storage locker 15-a-2 at SCP Processing Facility 21, 160 miles from Reykjavik, Iceland. Item SCP-619 is to be kept in SCP control in territories where the US Dollar is not the primary form of currency.

Description: Item SCP-619 is a pair of faded Levi brand stonewashed jeans manufactured in 1994 with several stains and tears through apparent use. SCP-619 will have in its right pocket $3.16 no matter how many times the pocket is emptied. The currency appears in the form of 2 one US dollar bills, 4 US quarters, 1 US dime, 1 US nickel, and 1 US penny. Once the currency is removed from the pocket of SCP-619, it will somehow propagate the exact amount again instantaneously. Tracing of the serial numbers of any US dollars created by SCP-619 has determined that they are authentic and should be in general circulation. Coins produced by SCP-619 are typically minted between the years 1971-2015. Objects places into SCP-619 are not affected. Placing currency that is not in the form of US currency into SCP-619 will result in the currency propagated by SCP-619 to be $3.16 + US equivalent of foreign funds given at the exchange rate in 1994. Item SCP-619 is a male’s size 40 x 32.
Currencies that were not yet created by 1994 will not be affected.
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Item was moved from Site 19 to PF-21 ??/??/2003, to prevent SCP personnel from using the by-product of SCP-619 for personal gain. See Document SCP-619-A

Document SCP-619-A: Memorandum from General ?????????, [S19-66421SCP619-A]
Doug, I have here another report from one of the service technicians who found another 2010 quarter in the change compartment of the vending machines on level 4. This is the 3rd incident regarding misuse of a SCP object and I expect you to discipline anyone in that sector who has access to SCP-619. If there is another incident of this nature I will be forced to take actions to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.
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Is dat sum mother-fucking Bismuth?
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in b4 dragonforce, hardest metal, etc.
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... yes
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Very nice. Bravo.
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thanks, i wanted to do one of the ones that was kinda funny
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Have you posted it up in /x/ yet? I'm usually lurking around there, reading the Holder posts, and others like it. That's why this caught my attention.
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nope not yet, im currently looking for a way to add to the wiki site if reviews are favorable.