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Item #: SCP-037

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-037 is kept in place via its own gravitational pull. The room it sits in is made of one foot thick heat-proof glass. Should heat-proof glass break or crack, the emergency system will put a thinner second layer into place until it is repaired. Those repairing the glass should wear light clothing, such as shorts and a t-shirt to avoid heat stroke.

Description: Artifact was found in ????????????, Sweden in 19?? hovering above a small cottage. The owners of the cottage had been complaining that their neighbor's lights were always on and it was too bright out at night. The neighbors, however, had moved out months ago and the house no longer had electricity. Upon arrival, agents found the origin of the light was a small star. After some trial and error, it was safely brought to Site 23.

SCP-037 is a star exactly two inches in diameter with the same properties as our sun. It emits one billionth the amount of light the sun emits. It is not known how old the star is currently, but agents are advised to destroy it with ??????? should it turn into a red giant. Its origin is now thought to be a result of a hadron experiment somewhere in Europe.

The artifact is currently not accessible to any agent without at least Level 3 clearance (See Document #82-3.)

Document #82-3: "It has come to my attention that some attendants have been toying with SCP-037. The glass floor leading to SCP-038 is now covered in burnt marshmallow, tanning oil and various amounts of ash from burnt objects. I am now forced to bar access to all attendants who do not have Level 3 clearance. - Dr. Klein"
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new equipment installed at CERN in Switzerland, in either '06 or '07.