Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Item #: SCP-173

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer than 3 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. At all times, two persons must maintain direct eye contact with SCP-173 until all personnel have vacated and relocked the container.

Description: Moved to Site19 1993. Origin is as of yet unknown. It is constructed from concrete and rebar with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SCP-173 is animate and extremely hostile. The object cannot move while within a direct line of sight. Line of sight must not be broken at any time with SCP-173. Personnel assigned to enter container are instructed to alert one another before blinking. Object is reported to attack by snapping the neck at the base of the skull, or by strangulation. In the event of an attack, personnel are to observe Class 4 hazardous object containment procedures.

Personnel report sounds of scraping stone originating from within the container when no one is present inside. This is considered normal, and any change in this behaviour should be reported to the acting HMCL supervisor on duty.

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>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
     File :-(, x)
Item#: SCP-232

Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-232 is to be kept lit at all times. No shadows should be allowed to form in the presence of this object. Should one of the redundant light bulbs burn out, a two agent team may enter to replace the bulb, one to change the bulb and one to carry the lamp to prevent shadows from occuring behind the agent changing the bulb. The lamp is stored in the cabinet outside the room, and must be inspected before each use.

Description:Moved to Site 19 5/7/1997. Origin is suspected to be of Sumerian design. SCP-232 is a statue of the goddess Ereshkigal, being offered a liver by what is assumed to be an utukku, or Sumerian demon. When SCP-232 is in the presence of slight shadows, agents may note the sensation of claws dragging lightly against or through their skin. In the presence of heavy shadows, light scratches to deep gouges may appear. The eyes of the statue have been noted to follow teams as they enter.

Blood and viscera left in the presence of the statue have been noted to inexplicably vanish before they may be cleaned, so sanitation staff is not required in the event of activity. Class 2 hazardous containment procedures should be maintained in the event of activity.

In the event of complete power failure, the entry airlock will be sealed automatically.

Addendum: Those with Level 2 Security Clearance should see document #232-1

Document #232-1: SCP-232 additional procedures

In the event of activity, those directly involved should be monitored as per protocol 11B in the Security clearance database. SCP-232 is suspected to use some of its victims to survey the surrounding area.
>> Security Clearance Levels ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY

LEVEL 0: Standard operating personnel. Personnel at this level are not permitted ANY contact with an SCP object; breach of this protocol will result in termination of the personnel involved.

LEVEL 1: Standard security clearance level for staff involved in the maintenance of a SCP object. Level 1 clearance is usually appended with the SCP the personnel have clearance for (e.g. 1/173)

LEVEL 2: Clearance level for staff involved in overseeing an SCP object. Appended with the SCP the personnel have clearance for, separated by a dash for those with clearance for multiple SCP objects (e.g. 2/173-847)

LEVEL 3: All general security staff for Site 19 or any other site housing a SCP object are required to have this level of clearance and are permitted access to all non-Keter level SCP objects.

LEVEL 4: Command-level personnel; permitted access to all non-Keter level SCP objects

NOTE: This security clearance structure is independent of any other military security clearance structure.
D: Class D personnel are designated staff used to handle the Keter-level objects. WARNING: CLASS D PERSONNEL ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INTERACT WITH CLASS D PERSONNEL ASSIGNED TO A DIFFERENT OBJECT OR SCP PERSONNEL. Class D personnel are recruited from prison inmates. Condemned persons are preferred; in times of duress, Protocol 12 can be authorized, allowing recruitment of innocents or persons incarcerated for lesser crimes. All Class D personnel must be terminated at the first of the month, and a new staff must be ready to replace them. After placement in quarters, staff must only contact Class D personnel through intercom system. All personnel involved with Class D will be given a minimum of one (1) polygraph tests at 1800 on a daily basis. Failure to comply will result in termination. Failure to pass test will result in termination. In event of any abnormalities, termination of entire Class D personnel is advised, as well as any SCP personnel that has had basic interaction.

E: Temporarily affixed to the start of a security clearance (e.g. E1), this is used when a new SCP object has been discovered but is still in an unsecured or uncontrolled state. E-clearance personnel are tasked with bringing the SCP into effect and maintaining it. Once the SCP are in place and the object is secure, the E is removed and the personnel are given the appropriate number on the end of their clearance.

O5-x: Overseer-level clearance is given only to the directors of the SCP Project. The x indicates their number, ranging from 1 to 12 (e.g. O5-7). O5 personnel are permitted to access any and all data related to the SCP objects. However, due to the sensitive nature of their position, O5 personnel are not permitted to have any direct contact with a SCP object, nor may they enter any site housing a SCP object under any circumstances.
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>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
     File :-(, x)
Subject # SCP-441

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Subject SCP-441 must at all times be stored in a room without reflective surfaces. The walls of this room should be no less than 10 feet thick, preferably reinforced concrete. Due to the perceived potentially hazardous nature of Subject #441, no personnel with less than level 3 clearance are to access its containment chamber and with in groups of no less than five. Protective visors, ID tags and all reflective items are to be removed before entering the containment cell.
SCP-441 (before capture)
SCP-441 (before capture)

Description: SCP-441 appears to be an intelligent silicon based life form, a "living statue", so to speak. Roughly humanoid in form, it is 2.5 meters tall and dark-grey in appearance. It is animate and displays occasional signs of sentience, though it has yet to physically, verbally or symbolically respond to any attempts at communication beyond turning to focus upon the source of the communication.

Subject #441 is tame and docile the majority of the time. It does not object to attempts to touch it. However, if at any point it catches even the slightest glimpse of itself in a reflective surface, it flies into a destructive rage, displaying terrifying strength and speed. How Subject "sees" its reflection, given that it has no eyes or other visual facilities that are observable, is still unknown. Tests have yet to determine why it becomes so enraged upon sight of itself.

Origin: Found in Prague, surrounded by broken glass.
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>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
     File :-(, x)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-097 is located in the director's office. Any personnel with clearance are welcome to deposit a coin.

Description: SCP-097 is an antique, iron-cast mechanical bank in the shape of an African-American stereotype (black face, big smiling red lips, large white teeth) that was popular with children around the turn of the 20th century. A right arm sticks out with an open palm, where any denomination of coin is placed and the arm pushed down, released, flipping the coin into the bank's "mouth".

If an American coin minted between 1865 to present is used with this device, anyone present can faintly hear the hum and music of old Negro spirituals for around thirty seconds. Any coin minted before 1865 will elicit screams interspersed with the cracking of whips and cursing, along with the sounds of a fire raging. Very rarely, these vintage coins will result in what sounds like voodoo chanting and singing.

Addendum [SCP-097b]: Attempts to find the source of the sounds have proven inconclusive. The donor of SCP-097 ??????? ????? gave no information on the item in question, stating only on his wanting to be rid of it. The donor ??????? ????? died shortly after SCP-097 left his possession, his body found infested with flies of an unknown species. It is unknown the relation the flies have to to SCP-097 but on testing the item it seems nonthreatening to anyone, making the donor's death unsolved.
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>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Item#: SCP-988

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-988 is to be stored in a soundproof, unlit chamber 20 meters wide and 50 meters tall. Inner walls are to be made of limestone, 4 meters thick, outer walls preferably a strong alloy. Temperature in the chamber must be below 216.333 K at all times. If temperature reaches above 238.21 K commence operation 83F. Only single agents allowed in chamber at any time, must wear heat suppressing suit. Food is to be transported in a heat suppressing container and opened remotely from observation center after agent has placed the container and out of chamber.

Description: SCP-988 is a winged creature with two claw-like arms. Item's head emits bioluminescence similar to ceratias holboelli. Has no visible facial features until item senses heat. When item senses heat, SCP-988's head opens and emits a shriek whose frequency shreds through most materials. Sedimentary rock has proven most resistant. Attempts to study the sound after being prerecorded has resulted in the death of 6 scientists. Item's skin is opaque and pale. SCP-988 feeds through a separate hole located on its chest. No excrement has been expelled by SCP-988.

Origin: Cave in North-East Ridge of Mt. Everest, discovered by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine on June 8th of 1924. Remains disposed of. Cameras destroyed. Bodies replaced by lookalikes.

Additional: Scientists must study the sound's frequency and wavelength. Clip is not to actually be played under any circumstances.

Audio Clip R20//:788-792

>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Item # SCP-782

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-782 is to be magnetically suspended in an evacuated concrete chamber of 30 metres radius, with the entrance kept under guard. Personnel with less than level 4 clearance are not permitted entrance to chamber without prior authorization, as matter of any sort coming within 20 metres of SCP-782 is rapidly torn apart to the sub-atomic level by the stream of spatial anomalies.

Description: This item is the remains of the Quadrapole Mass Collider.

It was constructed from part of the engine core of SCP-636. A rough translation from what appears to be a maintenance disk found with SCP-636 enabled partial repairs to be performed on the core. It became clear that the core was involved in performing the spatial topology modification associated with the operation of SCP-636. However the damage to the disk and inability to translate the data precisely into a terrestrial language prevented more than nominal repairs to be performed.

Details of the construction of the collider and the events surrounding its activation are covered more fully in Document #44-1.

In short, the collider was activated, but its operation was only a partial success. It constantly generates geometric and topological anomalies, mostly nuclear-scale black holes. These evaporate within seconds, and are the source of the violent radiation emitted by the device. In addition, the device generates cosmic string type structures, magnetic monopoles, and occasionally very short lived wormholes. These latter were of course the primary goal during the planning phase, however as yet no stable traversable wormholes have been seen.

As expected, the device draws its own power from a built-in nanoscale structure, which is believed to tap in to the zero-point energy of the vacuum. This has meant that it has not been possible to deactivate the device.
>> [DATA EXPUNGED] Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Item # SCP-579

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-579 is currently held in site 62-C, a compound located approximately 80 km from the main site. Site consists of building housing SCP-579 and living quarters for containment staff. SCP-579 is encased in a 60 m x 60 m x 60 m block of [DATA EXPUNGED] which is suspended in vacuum through use of electromagnets. Site 62-C is equipped with hardline to High Command through which all reports and notifications are to be made. Staff consists of two teams (each comprised of 17 Level 1 Personnel, three level 2 Personnel and one Level 4 Personnel) which are rotated bi-weekly.

All instruments and their backups are to be checked each half-hour to ensure their continued function. Changes in any measured attribute are to be immediately reported to High Command. Any deviation in any measured attribute greater than 0.02% of the accepted norm value will result in automatic execution of Action 326. Routine reports to High Command are to be made hourly. If a report is not received within 6 minutes of its scheduled time, Action 326 is to be executed.

**Absolutely no action regarding SCP-579 other than those strictly outlined above is to be taken**

Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]
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>> [DATA EXPUNGED] ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Addendum [579-001]:

Action 326: High-level operatives within the main site 62 are to be immediately evacuated. Containment of other SCPs housed within the site is to be continued, with corresponding necessary staff remaining at their posts. Teams and resources required for Action 326-B are to be readied and moved into position.

If delayed reports are received by High Command or if measured attributes return to their accepted norm value, High Command will issue an “All-Clear” statement. If such a statement is not received within five minutes of the commencement of Action 326, execute Action 326-B. If at any time any measured attribute of SCP-579 deviates more than 0.09%, execute Action 326-B.

If an “All-Clear” statement is issued, at least 72 hours without further anomalies must pass before evacuated personnel may return to their stations and Action 326-B teams may stand down.

Action 326-B: Gateway of site 62 (SCP-004) is to be destroyed. This must be done regardless of personnel or facilities remaining within the site. Remnants of the Gateway — or the gateway itself if destruction proves impossible — are to be contained in the same manner as SCP-579. High Command will then issue further instruction.
>> Special Containment Procedures ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Addendum [579-002]:

In the event of an unsuccessful Action 326-B, no further action will be necessary. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

In the event of a successful Action 326-B, sealed document 891 — which contains all data regarding SCP-579, as well as all hypothetical contingency plans — is to be opened. Procedures as outlined within the document are to be followed. Be aware that even with the successful execution of Action 326-B, estimates place the occurrence of [DATA EXPUNGED] at 1 year or less.

If SCP-579 is mentioned, in any capacity, within data or observation gathered from SCP-432, SCP-640 or SCP-121 it is required that sealed document 891 be opened. In such an event it is strongly recommended that Action 326 be executed, with Action 326-B withheld.
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>> Addendum [579-TIMELINE ITEMS 1-22] ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
Event 0: SCP-579 is discovered. Point of Origin is [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 1: Initial assessment of SCP-579 is undertaken. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 2: SCP-579 is inadvertently removed from its point of origin. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]






Event 8: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 9: SCP-579 is moved to site 04. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 10: Containment failed. Loss of site 04. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 11: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 12: SCP-579 is moved to site 31. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 13: Containment failed. Loss of site 31. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 14: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 15: SCP-579 is moved to site 26. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 16: Containment failed. Loss of site 26. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 17: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 18: Attempt is made to destroy SCP-579. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 19: Attempt is made to destroy SCP-579. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 20: Attempt is made to destroy SCP-579. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 21: Attempt is made to destroy SCP-579. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 22: Containment failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]
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>> Addendum [579-TIMELINE ITEMS 23-43] ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY


Event 25: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 26: SCP-579 is transported to vicinity of Point of Origin. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 27: Attempted to return SCP-579 to point of origin. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 28: Attempted to return SCP-579 to point of origin. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 29: Attempted to return SCP-579 to point of origin. Attempt failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 30: Attempted to return SCP-579 to point of origin. Attempt failed, resulting in the loss of Point of Origin. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 31: Containment failed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]





Event 36: SCP-579 is successfully contained. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 37: SCP-579 is moved to site 62. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 38: SCP-579 undergoes previously unobserved changes, believed to involve [DATA EXPUNGED]. Containment holds, though this is determined not to be attributable to containment procedure. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 39: High Command issues lockdown on site 62. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 40: Agent XXX-X formulates current containment plan. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 41: Site 62-C is constructed. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 42: SCP-579 is moved to site 62-C [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]

Event 43: High Command seals all data not needed for containment of SCP-579. Termination of agents to prevent data leakage regarding SCP-579 is deemed unnecessary, as only 7 such agents remain. Said agents are retained as advisors should future events concerning SCP-579 occur. [SUBSEQUENT DATA EXPUNGED]
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>> ??? ? ??? ??? !KBA3Jn.rKY
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