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Item #: SCP-159

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-159 is to be permanently placed in the entrance window to Site ??. SCP-159 should only be activated when authorized Class D or above attempt to enter Site ??, and only activated by the current entrance guard, typically ????? ???????. The guard currently observing SCP-159 must make sure one of the neon tubes never flickers – if this is to occur, said guard must call an Level 2 agent or above to rectify the situation (see Document [2.71.32.?).

SCP-159 has the appearance of a standard OPEN neon sign. However, when deactivated by removing it from a standard power outlet, the building or room it is currently being displayed for becomes impossible by any means to enter (however, upon the observation of [DECEASED], it is still possible to exit). When active, however, the entrance to whatever building or room it is displaying for becomes suddenly unlocked.

DOCUMENT: [2.19.21.??], Observations of The Effects of SCP-159

NOTE: All testing was performed on a standard tool shed with a window (for SCP-159 to be displayed from) and a wooden door.
- When active, entrance becomes possible to lock, but unconventional methods can still open the door (lockpick, hatchet, etc.)
- When inactive, however, the entire shed becomes impossible to breach by any method. Tests included thermal lances, high fragmentation explosives, tunneling, and hydrochloric acid. Requests for a miniature atomic explosion have been repeatedly denied; if a suitable location can be found for the test, O5 officers will review SCP-159’s atomic testing.
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Item #: 153

Object Class: Euclid

Standard Containment Procedures: SCP-153 is to be kept in a liquid nitrogen cooling tank appropriate for its size and stored in a standard Foundation freezing facility. Transportation of this object for any reason is to only be approved by Level 4 personnel or greater, and Class D personnel are not allowed to interact with number 153, regardless of clearance level.

Description: SCP-153 is a preserved human thumb wrapped in ancient linen cloth. It is approximately 6cm long and a brownish color. The object smells strongly of burning corpses.

The paranormal properties of this item have yet to be fully tested or documented, but test subjects report heightened feelings of hostility to minorities and foreigners, as well as a sudden surge in patriotism while holding it on their person. Test subjects have also exhibited an extreme possessiveness over the object after testing has begun, becoming very paranoid about its safety.

Legend states that this is the mummified thumb of the Wallachian national hero Vlad ?epe?, better known as Vlad the Impaler. Legends also say that it possesses "magical" qualities and grants its holder "power equal to the strength of their heart." Testing proves inconclusive (see Test Log 37-A).

Object 153 was recovered from northern Germany after police recovered it from the scene of a murder-suicide. Eight victims had been kidnapped (three women, four men, one child) and impaled on long wrought iron spikes that were mounted on the wall of the suspects basement. Suspect committed suicide by stabbing himself repeatedly in the neck with a pair of meat shears after police attempted to detain him for questioning. During autopsy, several pints of blood were found in his stomach and further DNA testing proved it to be the blood of the victims discovered in his basement. The object was then confiscated by police and turned into nearby site 11 where it was contained and remains to this day.
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Item#: SCP-063

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-063 is to be kept at all times within Dr. ????'s personal bathroom, located within the personnel quarters upon Site 19. Object is to be used according to its design at least once in a twenty four (24) hour period or the object will begin to emit an unknown specialized radiation that results in objects and material within a over 9000 (2) feet radius being slowly warped and eventually disintegrating into a fine dust. Radiation's effect on living test subjects has not been monitored.

Description: SCP-063 appears to be an average, pale blue toothbrush. Stenciled alone the side of the object are the words “The World's Best TothBrush”. The word toothbrush is spelled wrong, although if this was accidental, or a purposeful action by the creators of the object are unknown. Object displays the ability to effortlessly cleave through any and all dead or inorganic matter, the focal point of this ability being the bristles. However, matter touched by this is not separated, such as by way of a knife, but completely expunged from existence, leaving no trace. Lab analysis have discerned no strange attributes to its physical composition, being made completely of common plastic. Additionally subjects who have used SCP-063 have claimed that the experience left their teeth feeling remarkably clean.

Additional: SCP-063 was originally found in St. Petersburg, on the person of ?????????, a thief working in the area using the SCP-063's abilities to crack safes. When questioned about the object, subject remained ignorant, claiming that the they had simply “found” the object one day. Questioning of the subject continued, until he took his own life. His reason for doing this is, as of yet, unknown.
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Item #: SCP-529 "Josie"

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No special precautions have yet proven necessary. "Josie" is quite affectionate, and at this stage is free to move about the lower levels of the facility. Staff are not permitted to feed cheese to her - she will become distressed if not given sufficient cheese.

Description: Artifact is a small grey house cat resembling the Siamese breed.

Parts of the animal to the rear of the end of the ribcage appear to be missing. The body terminates sharply as if sliced in over 9000.

In spite of this, the animal has no health problems, and moves about as if its hindquarters were still in place. For example, walking takes place as usual, and some time after feeding the animal makes motions as if to void itself of waste matter.

The cross-section does not display the interior of the animal, but appears pure black to the eye, and absorbs all non-visible wavelengths of light. It is slightly yielding to the touch. Gentle stroking of this area sometimes yields a positive reaction (purring and so on) but more usually leads to the creature turning on the agent, claws at the ready. Those scratched have experienced no abnormalities.

It is not the case the hind regions are simply invisible - a cursory examination will show that there are no hindquarters. DNA testing has shown the animal to be female.
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