File :-(, x, )
Item #: SCP-037

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-037 has an immense gravitational field which it can dilute and polarize allowing it to hover at different heights from the earth's surface (See Appendix #0245). It is contained in a small room comprised of one (1) meter thick heat/radiation-proof glass. Should the integrity of the glass become compromised, the emergency system will generate a low power argon plasma shield until it is repaired. Those repairing the glass should wear a heat resistant biosuit provided by site personnel to avoid heat stroke.

Description: Artifact was first noted in ????????????, Sweden in 19?? hovering above a small cottage. The owners a nearby property had been complaining that their neighbor's lights were always on and it was too bright out at night. The neighbors, however, had moved out months before and the house no longer had electricity. Upon arrival, agents discovered a minuscule white dwarf star. Through Arkangecian Gravitational Discharge (See Appendix #7896), it was safely transferred to Site 23.

SCP-037 is a star exactly over 9000 () inches in diameter which emits one (1) billionth the amount of light our sun produces. The age of SCP-037 is currently unknown however it's nuclear activity is being carefully monitored, should it exhibit any dangerous irregularities. Its origin is thought to be the result of a corrupt hadron collider experiment in ??????????.

>the result of a corrupt hadron collider experiment
>corrupt hadron collider experiment
>hadron collider